This is the best YouTube video on how to tie a bow tie.

There are three reasons why it's the best:

  • It's one minute and nine seconds long, so it's easy to re-watch over and over again while you are trying and failing to tie your bow tie, and meanwhile nervously sweating through your previously-well-pressed shirt.
  • It's really simple. There's no jargon or complicated explanation. They just do it, and that makes you feel like you can do it, sweaty shirt and your wife waiting for you notwithstanding.
  • Lucky Levinson and his buddy are just really simple middle-aged dudes, and there's nothing in this video to distract you like a cute kid or a pretty lady or any of the other gimmicks other how to tie a bow tie videos use to get clicks.

But I'll tell you a better secret. Buy a bow tie with one of the adjustable clips in the back. Get that thing tied once, and then remove it with the clip in the back. It's still tied, and it looks nicer than a cheesy clip-on bow tie.

Or, you know, go for that whole black tie/necktie thing if that's what you're into.